The Cordeliers Cloister site is famous for its underground tunnels that were excavated for the stone used to build Saint-émilion and some parts of Bordeaux. They are 3km long and run beneath the Saint-émilion citadel and some of its major vineyards. They are 20m underground, have a constant temperature of 12° throughout the year and are totally dark, making them perfect for ageing the wines we have been making since 1892 using traditional methods. You can visit our cellars and underground tunnels where you can discover the underside of the medieval citadel of Saint-émilion and learn about our own sparkling wine making methods.

A fun, educational and oenological visit

“It was great, for us and the kids”. “Such a great surprise: I confirm!”. “The tunnels are incredible and the presentation of how the Cordeliers wines are made was fascinating”. These visitor comments tell us much about why it is so interesting to explore the tunnels beneath the Cordeliers. They are much appreciated for their coolness in high summer, and help us to discover the cave-dwelling aspect of the Saint-émilion citadel. The 1 hour visit also includes a presentation of the history of the Cordeliers and a chance to learn about the traditional methods used to make our sparkling wines. This stroll through the heart of our site ends with the opportunity to taste a number of the Cordeliers sparkling wines.


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The walking tour

This option includes the historic visit of the Cordeliers Cloister, largely considered to be one of the most picturesque and symbolic sites of the village of Saint-émilion, classed as a Unesco world heritage site. It continues with a descent into the underground tunnels. Your bilingual guide will provide a step-by-step explanation of the Cordeliers sparkling wine making process in your choice of language, and that of your children who will adore exploring the maze-like underground quarries. For the adults the visit ends with a “horizontal” tasting of our sparkling wines, including a Blanc de Blanc, a Rosé, and a Blanc de Noir. This oenological initiation will give you a chance to appreciate the specificities of each grape variety used in our wines. This tasting will also include a genuine Saint-émilion macaron to bring a bit of sweetness to the palate. There will be a glass of cordial for the children.

Useful information : Groups of 2 to 20 persons - Free for children (under 10 years). € 13,50 /person for children between 10 and 17 years, students, job-seekers, members of religious orders and the disabled (please provide proof). € 15,00 /person for adults. Book your visit on-line.

For group tours of more than ten people, please contact us by email :

Original electric tuk-tuk visit


The Cordeliers Cloister also proposes the very original and popular electric tuk-tuk visit. The vehicles are driven by our guides and can carry 4 visitors.  Book your electric tuk-tuk visit on-line.

Tuk-tuk visit to vineyards of Saint-Émilion and cellars of LES CORDELIERS (1H30): Electric tuk-tuk visit of the nicest spots of the village of Saint-émilion, the richness of the vineyard and its numerous castles known for their exceptional wines. One the tour is completed, you will descend 20 meters underground into the 3km of Cordeliers tunnels where your guide will explain the traditional method to you. The visit ends with a chance to taste 3 different “Crémant” sparkling wines and one of the famous Saint-émilion macaroon (fruit juice for children).

Prices: Free for children under 3 years - €30/person for adults -€20 for minors from 3 to 18 years.

Visit the vineyard by electric bike !

Saint Emilion Tourisme Vélo électriques

Rent our electric bikes for effortless exploration of the vineyards. Take advantage of our easy-to-follow itineraries on your smartphone. Book our bikes online now for an unforgettable experience !

Prices : 

  • Half-day package at €23/bike
  • 1 day package at €38/bike
  • 2 day package at €67/bike
  • 3 day package at €98/bike


Our electric bikes, light and easy to use, are equipped with insulated bags for carrying a picnic. All our bikes are carefully prepared for your comfort, with equipment included such as helmet, lock, smartphone holder. We welcome you to the Cloître des Cordeliers, the starting point for our itineraries through the vineyards, with magnificent views from the start of your walk. 

Also, pre-order a delicious picnic basket to enjoy during your panoramic breaks. Book your bikes online here and immediately receive all the information you need to prepare your visit to Saint-Émilion.